Stories are powerful.

Stories celebrate our humanity and build authentic connections between us. My stories use words, images and design to support projects that build a better world.  

"Storytelling is a compelling force in bringing together people of diverse race, religion, age and political views."  -Lucille B. Koproske

Poster: Wood Buffalo Community Resilience

In 2014 and 2015, I led a community resilience initiative in Wood Buffalo region. We collected detailed data from over 50 organizations about their contribution to the 272 aspects of the strategy. 

That's a lot of data.

A creative way was needed to show our work effectively. 

One question we had was: Which organizations have the most in common? Who is working toward the same outcomes? I analyzed the data, then created the chart below to show the results. 

The goal was to help community organizations find new, smart partnerships.

See the full Wood Buffalo Community Resilience Poster here.

Illustration: Literacy In Greater Victoria

Good design can help attract attention to important causes. I developed these icons to support a multi-stakeholder group increasing literacy in the Greater Victoria area.

The goal: More people faced with literacy challenges sustain their commitment to literacy learning, and acquire higher literacy skills.

Each icon represents an element of the group's strategic plan for working together.  


You know you understand something well when you can explain it to your grandmother.

In Wood Buffalo region, I was faced with the challenge of describing a Strategy Roadmap to nonprofit sector stakeholders from all walks of life. So I designed, drew, scripted and produced a cartoon video using a hockey analogy.

Writing: for joy, let go of must and should

"Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That's why it's so hard." -David McCullough

Do you agree with David's sentiment? I certainly do. Writing, for me, can be: effortless, life-affirming, frustrating, procrastination-inducing, and deeply emotional. Writing clarifies my thoughts and highlights gaps in my logic and understanding.

When inspiration strikes, I drop everything and start writing.

Read a writing sample here 

(It's about the link between joy, tidying our physical spaces, and letting go of "must" and "should".) 

Can I help you write your story?

Illustration: Homelessness abbotsford

The community of Abbotsford, BC has taken on the challenge of preventing and responding to homelessness. Together, a group of stakeholders has developed a shared strategy for working together.

The goal: Fewer people become homeless, and the whole community supports people who are experiencing homelessness.

My illustrations help them tell their story.