People make better decisions together.

Sometimes, they can use a little help. 

I help people open up, listen to each other, and feel confident sharing their views. Ensuring everyone is heard is the first step to good decisions and great strategy.

As a certified facilitator with Integral Strategy and a Challenge Dialogue System practitioner, I can help uncover the collective wisdom of your group and help you gain clarity about your next steps. 

Government of alberta: Getting unstuck

Colleagues in Alberta Environment and Parks encounter the challenge of making smart natural resource management decisions together while working in different teams and places.

One region chose to approach this common issue in an innovative way: by giving staff at all levels a chance to describe the roots of the problem, and by being open to anything that emerged. Three groups were formed to co-create their own solutions. After having met a number of times, and experiencing rich, deep conversations, progress stalled. 

What to do with all of these great ideas?

I helped the groups get back on track by designing and facilitating one-day workshops using the Challenge Dialogue System approach. Together, we interpreted and prioritized their ideas and came up with a 100-day action plan for each group.

Fort McMurray SPCA: Purpose Statement Makeover

"A mission statement is a nonprofit’s lead domino: It sets everything else in motion." -Erica Mills

The Fort McMurray SPCA needed a new strategic plan.

A colleague and I facilitated the process. As we designed the first workshop, we debated what to focus on. After much research and discussion, we decided to first help the group clarify their core purpose.

Mission and vision statements are often terrible. But for a social profit, they are critical. In a 2 hour workshop, we guided the group to craft a concise, clear, easy-to-understand phrase that everyone could agree on: a purpose statement makeover.


"With the support of our community, the FMSPCA educates, serves and inspires compassion in the treatment of animals by modeling best practices in all aspects of animal welfare."


"Every animal is valued through dignity and respect in all communities within our region."