Q: IS IT Sophie or Sophia?

A: Both! On formal documents I use Sophia, but everyone calls me Sophie. I won't be offended either way, promise!


Q: Why the non-linear career path?

A: We all have our unique quirks and talents - ways of working that come so naturally they feel almost effortless. In the right environments, working on the right tasks, we flourish. And aren't we all most satisfied when contributing at our highest level? To get there, I have taken career risks to find the places and projects where I can be confident I am bringing my full value to the table.


Q: when DO you contribute at your best?

A: I am driven by learning and innovation. I love being involved at the early stages of a process, when there is still room for creativity and setting the strategic direction. My sweet spot is a project with a clear vision, concrete goals, and significant flexibility to pull it off. 

Do you have a project that can make use of my natural* tendencies?

  • Strategy: I love to find patterns, ask the right questions, and create new ways of moving forward.
  • Deliberating: I take care to think first, consider alternatives, and anticipate consequences before choosing.
  • Visioning: I enjoy asking "what if..." and imagining a better tomorrow.
  • Learning: I am at my best when learning something new and find joy in getting better at things. 
  • Relating: I feel deep satisfaction when working hard with others to achieve a goal.

*These were my top strengths according to the Clifton StrengthsFinder test.