Action is helpful. Strategic action is critical.

To make headway on tough problems and big opportunities, we must apply our efforts strategically - especially when working with reduced budgets and increasing complexity. 

Together, we can harness your group's knowledge to build an inspired, shared, thoughtful plan for working together on complex challenges.

As a certified facilitator with Integral Strategy and a Challenge Dialogue System practitioner, I can help you create an effective plan that your team will want to implement. You'll be able to use it to uncover your priorities, find the right people to do the work, and see real results.

Strategy: Wood Buffalo Community Resilience

During the years 2000-2012, Wood Buffalo region faced a period of tremendous growth. Population, income and cost of living grew rapidly and the region was challenged with how to maintain existing services and meet emerging needs. 

Together with partners in the Integral Strategy network and over 40 regional stakeholders, we developed the Wood Buffalo Strategy Roadmap: a practical community vision and a tool to help the region become more resilient and deliver and sustain a high quality of life.

View the Wood Buffalo Strategy Roadmap here

This strategy-on-a-page helps people in Wood Buffalo see what needs to be done and where they fit in achieving the collective goal of delivering a high quality of life. Groups in the region can use it to set shared priorities and decide how they might change what they do to match.

"Of all the things that can boost inner work life, the most important is making progress in meaningful work." -Teresa Amabile and Steven J. Kramer

The Strategy Roadmap acts like a booster shot of motivation: it shows people how far they've come in reaching their common goals. 

Strategy: Food Security in Victoria

In 2009, over 18,000 of households in Victoria worried about themselves or others in their home going hungry. Together with the Victoria Integral Strategy team, we helped a multi-stakeholder group develop a strategy for working together to respond to the challenge.

The goal: to provide healthy, sufficient and affordable food for everyone, in a coordinated, environmentally responsible and financially sustainable way.

The strategy has been used to coordinate funding and create new networks.   

Read the full case study here

Implementation: Wood Buffalo Community Resilience

After the Wood Buffalo Strategy Roadmap was finished, I felt compelled to ask how our work would make a measurable difference. So I packed up and moved to Fort McMurray to find out, by leading the implementation process with FuseSocial.

Focusing on the social profit sector, we started by asking the following questions:

  1. Who currently works where in this strategy?
  2. Where do we see gaps and duplication in effort?
  3. How does our current effort align with our priorities?
Custom Strategy Roadmap: Red is High Activity, Blue is Low Activity for this Organization.

Custom Strategy Roadmap: Red is High Activity, Blue is Low Activity for this Organization.

Although these questions seem simple, it is rare that they are answered systematically for an entire sector. The work we completed in Phase One set the stage for the social profit sector to align their efforts: to row their boats in the same direction, toward their shared goal.  

See the Implementation Story here

FuseSocial continues to implement Phase Two of the strategy.